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Dear friends in Christ,


It's that time of year againsummer. For many families and individuals, it is time for summer fun, vacations, and weekend trips. For the church, it is, unfortunately, a time when attendance falters a bit as people are away more than usual.


Summer activities may keep us away from our church on occasion, but we certainly don't need to be away from our Savior. Don't forget to glorify Him in ALL things. Here are a few summer suggestions to help you do that:


      1. When you are away, try to locate a nearby Christian church and go to worship. (I'd appreciate it if you would bring me back a bulletin.) If you know ahead of time where you are going, I might be able to help you locate a congregation of our fellowship.


      2. If it is not possible to locate a church where you are, why not plan and hold your own family devotions? This is a good way for families to worship their Lord and reinforce their closeness at the same time. If possible have the head of your family open and close your family prayer with each family member taking their turn. You will experience a wonderful closeness in your family as each in turn "presents their requests to God."


      3. Please don't forget that your own congregation's financial obligations need to be met twelve months a year. These obligations don't stop for the summer.


      4. Lastly, starting thinking toward fall. If you have gotten out of the habit of attending worship regularly, the "new year" of church activities beginning in September might be an excellent time for you to get started again. If you've been worshiping but are otherwise inactive, the fall would be a good time to increase your activity. There is plenty to do in the Lord's service, and there is certainly a place you can fill.


Have a great summer! But as you make plans to "get away from it all," please don't get away from your Savior. Vacation with the Lord, not from Him.


In the love of Jesus,

Pastor Nowak 


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