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+ The Time of Our Waiting +


Romans 8:15-23


In words that Martin Luther said should be written in letters of gold, St. Paul assures us that, regardless of how things look in our lives, we are God’s children. Part of our human tragedy is that we can hardly believe this. If God Himself had not convinced us by His Word that we truly are His children, who would have even dared to think it?


When we see that we share the common lot of all people, the dust from which we were taken and to which we shall return, our flagrant disobedience of God in all our selfishness and sin, it seems arrogant to suggest that we belong to God in a relationship as close as that of a father and his children. How can we even bring our lips to say, “I am a child of the living God?”


We can know ourselves as God’s children only by faith in Jesus Christ, only as the Spirit of God brings us to see God in Christ as our heavenly Father. We have been freed from a spirit of slavery that would compel us to stand far off in shame over our sin and dressed only in the rags of our own righteousness. We no longer need to tremble at the thought of God. That’s the spirit we find most often in the world; practically everything that the world devises is a frantic effort to get rid of the thought of God, of our guilt before God, and of the death toward which we are hastening to stand before His judgment seat.


It is not like that for us because we have the spirit of adoption, God’s own Spirit, who convinces our timid spirits so fully that we even dare to cry out, “Abba, (daddy) Father!” God has the heart of a father for us. We are His dear children. We can go to Him in simple trust, forgetting everything we have been and done, remembering only who our Father is and what He has done for us. God is our Father; He always does what He does for us simply and only because He is the Father of all love.


So in good Lutheran fashion, “What does this mean?” It means that we are God’s children because we are fellow heirs with Christ. He alone has made it possible for God to regard us as His children, and He alone is able to convince us that God does regard us in this way.


Now we are God’s children because Christ suffered for us so that we might receive the Spirit of son-ship. He made Himself so completely one with us that we are now fellow heirs with Him. Whatever is His we now inherit—everything that is Christ’s is now ours—and heaven is only the beginning of all the blessings we in Christ have inherited.


When He rose from the dead, He entered into His glory; God gave Him the name that is above every name. That same exact glory is ours because we inherit whatever He inherits. Whatever lay beyond His grave lies beyond ours also. Whatever lay beyond His suffering for us also lies beyond our suffering with Him.


Are we God’s children just as surely as Jesus Christ is God’s Son? Are we really fellow heirs with Christ, so that what is His is ours as well, just as surely as He took as His own what belonged to usour sin, our curse, our death? Then we will trust Him, gladly and daily take up our cross, deny ourselves and follow Him. Like Him we will pray, “Father, not my will but yours be done!”


Rejoicing with you!

Pastor Nowak 


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