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+ Education: Foolishness or Wisdom +


Proverbs 1:7

As the summer disappears and thoughts of classes fill our mind once again, we at the church are also thinking about our learning and how God blesses and even encourages it. As we look about ourselves we can’t help but notice the beauty of the world and our understanding of it.


For us as Christians though this understanding is enlightened via the Holy Spirit through the Word especially with such understanding available through The book of wisdom for lifethe book of Proverbs. Right from the beginning of the book God led Solomon to write, “Fools despise wisdom and instruction.” You know, those who think they know it all and have nothing further to learn.


But through our many failures we all come to know that after school there’s plenty more to learn! I’m sure we have all been in that place when a young grad joins the work force and thinks they know not only how to do their job but how we should better being doing ours.


And, if are honest with ourselves, perhaps at one time we walked in those same shoes. Without our schooling we would never know how to begin, but that schooling needs years of seasoning and experience before we can righty know what we are doing.


Thank God for His Word that educates us in the most important learning of a lifetime. The book of Proverbs says it well like this: “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.”


And at the peak of that instruction is our religious instruction. Why is that? Because the Word of God imparts life (eternal lifelife to the full) when all other knowledge disappears and becomes as dust. How important then is this instruction above all others. Without it our man made filters (sin) will misunderstand the world and our place in it. Without it we will never truly know God as He should be known, nor the relationship He wants to have with us displayed so clearly with Jesus on the cross.


For far too many their education stops with their formal training when in reality this is only a seed to even better and improved wisdom. This is especially true in the church where our learning of God is so vital in our day-to-day lives.


I mean, so what’s up with that. It doesn’t make sense. The above verse from Proverbs tells us that this is foolish. In other words the word “foolish” here is used by God to mean a person who is thinking in the ways of the world, and not God’s way. God’s way is to grow in our knowledge of His Word poured out by His Spirit in the study of that Word and gifted in the holy Sacraments.


So what can we do to become wise? Well, take advantage of the gifts already offered by God beginning with the study of His Word in Sunday morning Bible class. Here is where we together grow in God’s Word and attain knowledgenot only finding out more about God, but also about ourselves as we get the chance to share our own story and learn knowledge and experience from others. And that includes me! I learn from your experiences and how God touches your lives as much as I share mine with you.


With the kids soon beginning school again and we also kicking things off with Rally Day (September 15th) now is the idea time for all of us to go “back to school” with our Lord Jesus Christ. As you do your daily devotions don’t you find God Word fascinating as Jesus reveals God and how He thinks? In the Word you get to “pick” God’s brain as it were and at the same time have your eyes opened with the understanding of things the world finds impossible to understand.


As God’s people we love “wisdom and instruction” in His Word. Join us not just on Sundays, but also on Wednesday and with TLC groups on Tuesday and Thursday’s as you are able.


Working the harvest with you!

Pastor Nowak 


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