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                              Welcome to Monona!                            Wishing everyone a Blessed Easter - 2019



We have already experienced the blessings of God through the refreshing rains of early spring. These were greatly needed. The earth desperately needs the watering from heaven in order to bring forth the new life in plants, grass, trees, and crops that we depend upon for our life. "April showers bring May flowers" is a well-known phrase and common approach for springtime, which reveals the basic flow of life from the deadness of winter to the change of life and beautiful things in spring.


The pleasure of taking a walk this spring, watching as the earth renews itself, with new leaves on the trees, flowers poking through the soil, and birds building their nests, is a thrill that we look forward to, every chance we get. When one sees all these "miracles of nature" we can't help but know that there is a God above. We also know that even greater miracles than these have occurred. That is why this Easter Season we should........take a walk on the quiet side!


In spirit, we quietly walk pass the cross where the Savior Jesus Christ shed His innocent blood for our sins, and now showers us with forgiveness of sins, blessings in life and eternal peace. What a miracle of love! We kneel in humble adoration before Him who fulfilled His destiny of being the sacrifice for the people of the world, for all time, and in all places.


Take a walk on the quiet side this Easter season; walking again past the open tomb, pausing briefly to look inside and going on, hearing the angels voice, "He is not here, He is risen, as He said." What a tremendous miracle of life and love! The Lord proved that His words were true by appearing alive and well, so that all the world may know that His resurrection is a prelude to our resurrection, as Christ said, "Because I live, so you shall live also!"


We are now in the after-glow of Holy Weekof our Savior's gifts to usthe Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, and the knowledge that in Him we have the blessedness of eternal life. In spirit we will do what so many have done in the past; take a walk on the quiet side.


In our worship we proclaim the "empty cross and the open tomb" and then, quietly and lovingly, we reach out to our own family and friends and proclaim the fact that Jesus Christ Is Risen From The Dead and that in Him we live, and move and have our being! With Joy in our hearts, we keep-on singing our songs of thankfulness and praise until at last we, too, are gathered up around the throne of the Lamb.


In His Service and Your Servant,

Pastor Nowak 


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