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EPIPHANY -- A Time of Worship, to Witness, to Win! + The Solitary Rose +


Dear Friends in Christ Jesus,
As we continue in the Sundays after the Epiphany we realize that it is a season and time for emphasis upon 
evangelism, of the telling of the Good News from God's people.


For example, a traveler was staying in a small-town hotel. As he looked from his second-story window, he saw a gorgeous red rose blooming in a vacant lot next door. It was a single, solitary rose; but somehow it seemed to be all the more beautiful just because it stood alone.


As He walked by the vacant lot during the noon hour, he remembered the rose and decided that, if he could find it, he would pick it. But the lot was full of weeds, many of them taller than the rose, and from the sidewalk, he couldn’t see the beautiful bloom.


The next morning as he looked from his second-floor window, there was the same velvety rose, sparkling with diamonds of dew in the rays of the morning sun. From the vantage of his window, he figured the exact position of the rose in this labyrinth of weeds and determined to go down and pick it.


Forcing his way through the thick brush and the almost impenetrable welter of weeds, he finally came to the thin perpendicular stem which held the fragile rose. How could this rose be growing here?


Carefully he traced the fragile stem down to the ground. But the stem did not end there. Laboriously he traced the stem as it stretched along the ground amid the weedsuntil finally, some distance away, he found the stem firmly rooted in a cultivated patch of ground in the yard next door. It was there that it got its sustenance!


How very much like the child of God was that single, solitary rose! Frequently God places His Christians in the very midst of weed patchesin the very midst of godless men and womennot, indeed, to take on the appearance of the weeds, but to give forth the fragrance of the rose and to bloom with its refreshing beauty.


The Bible tells you and me that we are saints. Saints because of Christ. Saints because we have been washed clean in the blood of the Lamb. But as the saints of God, are we getting our nourishment and strength from “the cultivated patch of ground next door”—the life that is “hid with Christ in God,” the life that is rooted firmly in the Savior.


He who said” “I am the Vine, you are the branches,” is the secret source of strength and beauty behind many a solitary rose in the weed patches of this world.


Are we "the people of God" gathered in this place (at this time) letting God's nourishment and strength (His Word and Sacraments) find Him in this cultivated ground?? A way (or step) for us as a congregation to be on the right path is through this “Mission Statement." Its purpose is to be like a "sounding board" in which we can evaluate what projects/programs we are doing, and whether or not we should be doing them. In short, are we being fed for ourselves alone or are we being fed to feed others?


Below is a mission statement as a reminder on how we are to feed, and how we go about feeding others as we are cultivated to be The Solitary Rose. This is something that the whole congregation needs to have ownership in for it to be effective.

    To magnify God's name, Monona Ev. Lutheran exists:
    To Know God - To bring people to Jesus and membership in His family.
    To Know God More Fully - Develop them to Christlike maturity.
    To Make God More Fully Known
- And equip them for their ministry in the     church and their mission in the world. 


In Christ, the Gift to be shared,

Pastor Nowak 





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